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Anyone interested in membership of Delamere should initially contact the Secretary who will advise them about the application procedure.

Delamere is a traditional golf club which maintains a deliberately small membership base and welcomes visitors throughout the year. Golf is played in a friendly and competitive spirit around a classic Herbert Fowler designed heathland course.

The course benefits from its sandy sub-soil base which drains remarkably quickly and in consequence allows golf to be played from proper tees to normal greens throughout the year. In addition as a result of its 100 year plus heritage the design of Delamere limits walking distance between green and tee resulting in the round being played at a brisk pace.

Membership is restricted to a maximum of 500 people of which 350 are Full Members with voting rights and the ability to play 7 days per week. The balance includes Country, 5-day, Overseas, Intermediate Junior, U18 Junior and Social Members. As a long-established club Delamere is intent on preserving the character of golf for members and visitors. We play throughout the year on a challenging heathland course and provide tremendous off-course facilities for members and visitors alike. The club is friendly and inclusive having tremendous golfing facilities and first class off course amenities which include a newly modernised locker rooms, lounge and dining room.

As a result we set out to ensure that prospective members gain a good understanding of the traditions of Delamere and in consequence will enjoy their time at the club. This is achieved by the requirement that a potential member must have a proposer and seconder who are already established members of the club, coupled with letters of support from 2 other club members. In addition the backing of the majority of the Committee is needed at the membership meetings in January and July each year. This is usually achieved by the candidate playing with as many members of the Committee as practicable, two of whom must write in support of their application.

Delamere has active Men’s and Ladies’ Sections and holds a range of mixed and social events each year. Men’s competitions are held the first full weekend of the month (Saturday & Sunday) and on a Wednesday mid-month. Thereafter there are range of Board Competitions, several knockouts and a few Bank Holiday Medals. Ladies’ Competitions (England Golf Medals, Stablefords and Pars) are generally played on Mondays and, for those ladies unable to play on Mondays, there are alternate competitions on many Saturdays. Ladies also have the opportunity to play in a number of major club competitions (in a variety of formats - singles, foursomes, fourball, strokeplay & matchplay) and also in a number of fun competitions throughout the year.