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Our Heritage

On the 2nd of January 1910 eleven local businessmen met on an informal basis and agreed to form a golf club to be sited on Crown land adjacent to the ancient English hunting forest off Delamere. The first formal meeting of the proposed committee took place on the 13th of March 1910. Having decided to build a golf course they engaged the celebrated architect Herbert Fowler to advise on the original layout of a front 8 and a back 10 which had been proposed by founder member Willie Clegg.

The club house was the work of prominent local architect Alfred Powles who was also a founder member. Having designed many local buildings and public edifices his typical design style included the traditional Cheshire 'black and white' exterior and the club house is a good example of this. The first and only President of the club was Hugh Grosvenor the 2nd Duke of Westminster.

A match to inaugurate the club was played between James Braid, Sandy Herd, Ted Ray, and James Arundel over 18 holes. Braid, Herd and Ray won 7 Open Championships and one US Open between them. James Braid won the match with a score of 77. Also, at this point in the club’s history a number of Cheshire golf clubs were considering forming a county association – the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs. Such was the standing of Delamere that the inaugural County Meeting was held at Delamere in 1921 and the club has enjoyed an extremely close relationship with the County from this point onwards.

Towards the end of the century the club recognised the need to upgrade the off-course facilities and embarked upon a major remodelling and rebuilding programme of the club house. A new viewing area was created; the ladies and gentlemen’s locker rooms were upgraded; a new Professional’s shop and visitor’s locker room were built and the dining room remodelled. In consequence the club now has tremendous off-course facilities to complement a great all year round golf course providing a tremendous test for amateur and professional alike.

In 2010 the club celebrated its centenary, and such is the spirit and friendliness of Delamere that the vast majority of members supported a range of events throughout the year.

To mark the centenary a formal record has been retained and a book chronicling the first one hundred years, copies of the book are available from the Professional’s shop. Delamere is today a fantastic example of a traditional golf club – a great all-year-round course which encourages and welcomes visiting golfers, tremendous off-course facilities and a small and select membership who have embraced the long-established Delamere values and play competitively at a brisk pace.