Course Open for members only. Updates will be posted on visitor play shortly.
Course Dress Code
Members, their Guests & Visitors are asked to conform to the Course Dress Code


  • All golf style clothing allowed.
  • Most headwear/hats worn correctly - including golf caps (with peaks to the front), golf hats, etc. 
  • Tailored shorts (just above the knee).
  • Long socks or white sports socks are preferred when wearing shorts.
  • Smart shorts and skorts (just above the knee)
  • Denim clothing.
  • Hats in the clubhouse.
  • Athletics, sports & beach shorts.
  • Cargo Trousers/Shorts.
  • Football shirts.
  • Tracksuits, tops and/or bottoms.
  • T-shirts and collarless shirts.
  • Vests.
  • Trainers
  • 'Torn' clothing


  • Sleeveless shirts.
  • No socks


  • Suntops
  • Racer Tops


Any style of golf shoes with rubber or metal spikes (please ensure your spikes are in good condition).

Juniors under 16 years may wear trainers both on the course and in the Clubhouse (trainers must be clean if worn in the clubhouse).

After golf players should clean their shoes with the machines and brushes available or change their shoes before entering the Changing Rooms/Spike Bar.

Every effort is made to ensure equality – any differences above attempt to reflect normal/accepted differences in attire but seek to ensure all adhere to a 'common principle of smartness'.