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Hot Drinks

Pot of coffee £2.00
Cappuccino Large £2.40
Pot of tea £1.70
Earl grey £1.70
Green tea with lemon £1.70
Selection of herbal teas £1.70
Hot chocolate £1.90

Breakfast snacks

Bacon bap £3.50
Sausage bap £3.50
Sausage and egg bap £4.40
Bacon & egg bap £4.40
Bacon and black pudding bap £4.50
Bacon, egg and sausage bap £4.80
Toast with jam or marmalade £2.00

Sandwiches on white or brown bread

Roast ham and English mustard mayonnaise £4.20
Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber £4.00
Cheddar cheese and pickle £4.00
Egg mayonnaise £4.00
Prawns marie rose £4.75
Smoked salmon and Horseraddish £5.00

Other items

Toasted teacake with jam £2.00
Two crumpets with jam £2.00
Two crumpets with cheese £2.50
Hand cut chips £3.50
Salt & Pepper chips £3.90

Halloumi Fries £3.50

Sweet potato fries £3.50 



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